Who am I ?

Who am I ?

My name is Alexandra Farnos, and I have been working in the fruit and vegetable sector for over twenty years.

I began my career working in domestic and export sales for cooperative and commercial organisations in the south of France, before developing my procurement and sourcing skills, focusing mostly on organic fruit and vegetables.

Passionate about everything to do with food products, and especially organic food, I define myself as a consumer activist!
Unconventional in outlook, I naturally gravitated towards the organic world

In 2004, I decided to take the plunge and create my own consultancy firm. An ambitious project! In my early days as an independent consultant, I worked as a coach and developed procurement structures. Since 2006, I have worked in partnership with the company Abel & Cole in England, the leading distributor of organic food baskets in the country (over 70,000 weekly customers), and I have collaborated with the company Naturkost Schramm in Germany on traceability and producer audits since 2009.

I offer tailored solutions for businesses and adapt to the needs of my clients. From pure sourcing to structuring procurement chains, from business development consultancy and retail positioning to sales of organic food baskets, from market reports to support for producers in the European market, I offer my clients custom solutions for their needs.

Uniting, leading, motivating, organising: these are the goals that drive me !

Karine Delevallé, my colleague since 2013, takes care of the administrative aspects and project follow-up.

Alexandra FarnosI come from a European background. I have lived in several European countries and in North America, learning English, Spanish, Italian and German during my studies and training or during my time abroad.
I travel across Europe frequently to meet my contacts. Discussion, communication, advice and understanding people's needs and expectations are fundamental to my work.


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84300 Cavaillon
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